My Pacific Crest Trail

Namasteeeeeee! My name is Charles. I’m 55 years old, married to Mary Brandenburg for 31 years. I own Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn, a B&B in Mendocino, a village on the North Coast of California. 2017 will be the year I thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). It is my year. 

In 5th grade my school, Hubbard Street Elementrary in Sylmar, California, had a candy drive as a fundraiser. At a rally they held as a gift to the students we sat and listened to Eric Rybeck speak about being the first person to hike the PCT. I was in awe of his trek, and since then have always known I would do this durring my life. 2660 miles. From the border of California and Mexico thru deserts and mountains, accross a country, to the border of Washington State and Canada. 2660 miles. 

This past year I spent 10 weeks in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Trekked and home stayed in a village, also hung out in Pokahara and Kathmandu where I meet one of my greatest friends, Mymy. Mymy is a guide in Kathmandu and one of the coolest guys on earth. When I decided that 2017 was the year for me (a future story of why 2017) I decided to bring Mymy along. What a great and monumental cultural exchange. Well Mymy is young and poor so not to easy getting his visa. He’s been turned down twice by our embassy in Kathmandu. Who would turn down a Nepsli guide from hiking the PCT. Now we are trying to get help thru our seanator, Diane Finestien, stay tuned. The Pacific Crest Trail is not easy.